Synapse Classification and Localization in Electron Micrographs


Classification and Detection of biological structures in Electron Micrographs (EM) is a relatively new large scale image analysis problem. The primary challenges are in characterizing diverse visual characteristics and development of scalable techniques. In this paper we propose novel methods for synapse detection and localization, an important problem in connectomics. We first propose an attribute based descriptor for characterizing synaptic junctions. These descriptors are task specific, low dimensional and can be scaled across large image sizes. Subsequently, techniques for fast localization of these junctions are proposed. Experimental results on images acquired from a mammalian retinal tissue compare favourably with state of the art descriptors used for object detection.
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Vignesh Jagadeesh, James Anderson, Bryan Jones, Robert Marc, Steven K Fisher and B.S Manjunath,
Pattern Recognition Letters, vol. 43, pp. 17-24, Nov. 2013.
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