UCSB researchers given the award from NSF’s Office of Advanced Cyberinfrastructure to build a large-scale distributed image-processing infrastructure (LIMPID) through a broad, interdisciplinary collaboration. Encompassing databases, image analysis and various scientific disciplines, their creation, BisQue, is an image informatics platform that shares, distributes and collaborates with large image datasets. “Think of BisQue as Google Docs for scientific images,” said UCSB principal investigator B. S. Manjunath, who directs the campus’s Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare. “... Read more
Niloufar's paper on Weakly supervised semantic segmentation has been accepted for oral presentation at the upcoming International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV'15), Santiago, Chile.
Niloufar submitted her PhD thesis on object localization and segmentation. She will be joining Intel Corporation in October.
Four VRL students received their PhD at the end of Summer 2014: Aruna Jammalamadaka, Diana Deliboltov, S. Karthikeyan and Santhosh Sunderrajan.
Congratulations to Santhosh for receiving the outstanding paper award at the recent ICDSC conference on camera networks. He presented two papers and his tracking paper was among the three selected for the "excellent paper" award.
Aruna's paper on spine distribution analysis, published in BMC Bioinformatics, is now a "highly accessed article" with over 850 downloads in about four weeks since publication.
Congratulations to Thomas Kuo for successfully defending his PhD research on 8/21. After graduation Thomas will continue to work at Birdeez, which he co-founded, that develops mobile apps to connect people with nature.
Congatulations to Santhosh for his two accepted papers to the ICDSC 2013 conference. One paper extends the work of Jiejun on search and retrieval in a camera network, and the other paper focuses on multiview distributed tracking.
The 2013 IEEE Transactions Multimedia Best Paper award to Moxley, Mei and Manjunath's paper on video annotations through graph mining.
VRL graduate Dr. Wei-Ying Ma delivers the ECE 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lecture, "The Next Frontier for Web Search and Knowledge Mining". Dr. Ma received his PhD in 1997 and is currently an Assistant Managing Director at Microsoft Research Asia, Beijing. (link to YouTube talk)
Congratulations to Jiejun Xu, Carter De Leo and Vignesh Jagadeesh for completing their PhD. Jiejun has joined HRL in Malibu, Carter is with Google and Vignesh has started working at eBay.
Professors Bill Smith and Manjunath awarded a new NIH R01 5 year project to study morphogenesis of developing embryos.
ICASSP 2007 Technical Committee have nominated Anindya Sarkar and Emre Sargin to compete for a best student paper prize award for their "SECURE STEGANOGRAPHY: STATISTICAL RESTORATION OF THE SECOND ORDER DEPENDENCIES FOR IMPROVED SECURITY" and "PROSODY-DRIVEN HEAD-GESTURE ANIMATION" respectively.
The College ofEngineering has elected Luca Bertelli as Outstanding Teaching Assistant in Electrical Engineering for 2005-06.
VRL student Kaushal Solanki won IBM Student Paper Award of the 2004 IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP) for the paper, "Estimating and Undoing Rotation for Print-Scan Resilient Data Hiding," authored with U. Madhow, B. S. Manjunath and S. Chandrasekaran. This award involves a certificate and a prize for supporting travel expenses to Singapore to attend the ICIP 2004.
Project Director: Bangalore Manjunath, University of California, Santa Barbara Collaborators: Carnegie Mellon University; University of California, Berkeley; MIT Amount: $9.4 million This project will harness advances in molecular imaging to develop next-generation intelligent systems for observing and understanding the function, distribution and relationships of proteins and complex molecules in living cells. Capturing and organizing vast volumes of such biological images, to be housed in a distributed database, will require new information processing techniques in pattern... Read more
The National Science Foundation has awarded UCSB two new Integrative Graduate Education and Research Traineeship (IGERT) grants, bringing UCSB's total to four - more than any other university in the United States. The grants are collectively worth $6 million. NSF awarded a total of 18 grants, which are designed to promote interdisciplinary research and graduate training. Bangalore Manjunath, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and Linda Petzold, professor of mechanical and environmental engineering, are the recipients of these new grants. Manjunath is working on interactive... Read more