Obtaining Higher Rates for Steganographic Schemes while Maintaining the Same Detectability


This paper focuses on modifying the decoder module for an active steganographic scheme to increase the effective data-rate with- out affecting the embedding module. Three techniques are suggested to improve the error correction framework, an essential component of an active steganographic scheme. The rst involves puncturing where the code-length is increased by adding a suitable number of additional era- sures. The second technique involves channel modeling and soft-decision decoding which is adaptive to the individual embeddable image coeficient. The third method adjusts the erasure threshold depending on the design hiding quantizer so as to achieve a higher data-rate. Combin- ing these techniques, the effective data-rate is increased by 10%-50% for Yet Another Steganographic Scheme (YASS), a popular active stegano- graphic scheme.
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Anindya Sarkar, Kaushal Solanki, and B. S. Manjunath,
Information Hiding Workshop 2010, Calgary, Canada, Jun. 2010.
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