An Automatic Method to Learn and Transfer the Photometric Appearance of Partially Overlapping Images

Marco Zuliani
Mayachitra, Inc.
5266 Hollister Ave
93110 Santa Barbara, CA
zuliani [at]

Luca Bertelli, B. S. Manjunath
Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
University of California, Santa Barbara
93106 Santa Barbara, CA
{lbertelli, manj} [at]


The first major contribution of this paper is a robust method to learn the photometric mapping between the overlapping portions of two registered images acquired either under different lighting conditions or different sensor modalities. Then, once such mapping is learnt, we demonstrate how it generalizes so that the photometric appearance can be transferred from one image to the other out of their overlapping area. This task is fundamental in several different contexts, such as image colorization, seamless mosaicking or change detection. After introducing the theory and discussing the algorithms, we will present several examples that confirm the efficacy of the proposed method dealing with different types of images.
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Marco Zuliani, Luca Bertelli, B. S. Manjunath,
Proc. IEEE International Conference on Image Processing, pp. 493-496, San Diego, CA, Oct. 2008.
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