Estimating Steganographic Capacity for Odd-Even Based Embedding and its Use in Individual Compensation

A. Sarkar and B. S. Manjunath
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering,
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106


We present a method to compute the steganographic capacity for images, with odd-even based hiding in the quantized discrete cosine transform domain. The method has been generalized for varying orders of co-occurrence statistics for statistical restoration based steganography. We further utilize this capacity estimate to hide the maximum possible data per individual frequency stream, while ensuring that the first order histograms of individual frequency coefficients remain matched. We also show that certain frequency components are more useful for steganalysis after first order statistical restoration is performed for a certain band of select frequencies.
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A. Sarkar and B. S. Manjunath,
IEEE International Conference on Image Processing (ICIP), San Antonio, TX, Sep. 2007.
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