Context-aware hypergraph modeling for re-identification and summarization


Tracking and re-identification in wide-area camera networks is a challenging problem due to non-overlapping visual fields, varying imaging conditions, and appearance changes. We consider the problem of person re-identification and tracking, and propose a novel clothing context-aware color extraction method that is robust to such changes. Annotated samples are used to learn color drift patterns in a non-parametric manner using the random forest distance (RFD) function. The color drift patterns are automatically transferred to associate objects across different views using a unified graph matching framework . A hypergraph representation is used to link related objects for search and re-identification. A diverse hypergraph ranking technique is proposed for person-focused network summarization . The proposed algorithm is validated on a wide-area camera network consisting of ten cameras on bike paths. Also, the proposed algorithm is compared with the state of the art person re-identification algorithms on the VIPeR dataset.

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S. Sunderrajan and B. S. Manjunath,
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, vol. 18, pp. 51-63, Jan. 2016.
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