Vitality assessment of boar sperm using NCSR texture descriptor in digital images

Enrique Alegre, MT Garcia-Ordas, Victor Gonzalez-Castro, S Karthikeyan


Two new textural descriptor, named N Concentric Squares Resized (NCSR) and N Concentric Squares Resized (NCSH), have been proposed. These descriptors were used to classify 472 images of alive spermatozoa heads and 376 images of dead spermatozoa heads. The results obtained with these two novel descriptors have been compared with a number of classical descriptors such as Haralick, Pattern Spectrum, WSF, Zernike, Flusser and Hu. The feature vectors computed have been classified using kNN and a backpropagation Neural Network. The error rate obtained for NCSR with N = 11 was of 23.20% outperforms the rest of descriptors. Also, the area under the ROC curve (AUC) and the values observed in the ROC curve indicates the performance of the proposed descriptor is better than the others texture description methods.

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Enrique Alegre, MT Garcia-Ordas, Victor Gonzalez-Castro, S Karthikeyan,
Sep. 2012.
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