Scalable Interactive Analysis of Retinal Astrocyte Networks


Retinal astrocytes are one of two types of glial cells found in the mammalian retina. In mice, these highly planar cells are located in the innermost retinal layer termed the nerve fiber layer. We are developing an in-depth visual analysis of the astrocytes across the entire retina. Using laser scanning confocal microscopy, whole retinal datasets were captured at high resolution and assembled into seamless montages. Astrocytes are then segmented using a Random Walk method and visualized in our system. An interactive visual analysis can be done on the relevant data such as cell sizes, density, distribution, and network formation.
Panuakdet Suwannatat, Gabriel Luna, Geoffrey P. Lewis, Steven K. Fisher and Tobias Hollerer,
“Scalable Interactive Analysis of Retinal Astrocyte Networks”,
BioVis, 2012.
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