Biological imaging software tools


Few technologies are more widespread in modern biological laboratories than imaging. Recent advances in optical technologies and instrumentation are providing hitherto unimagined capabilities. Almost all these advances have required the development of software to enable the acquisition, management, analysis and visualization of the imaging data. We review each computational step that biologists encounter when dealing with digital images, the inherent challenges and the overall status of available software for bioimage informatics, focusing on open-source options.
K. Eliceiri, M. R. Berthold, I. G. Goldberg, L. Ibanez, B. S. Manjunath, M. E. Martone, R. F. Murphy, H. Peng, A. L. Plant, B. Roysam. N. Stuurmann, J. R. Swedlow, P. Tomancak and A. E. Carpenter,
“Biological imaging software tools”,
Nature Methods, vol. 9, pp. 697–710, Nature Publishing Group, Jun. 2012.
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