Duplicate Image Detection in Large Scale Databases

Pratim Ghosh, E. Drelie Gelasca, K.R. Ramakrishnan and B. S. Manjunath
Vision Research Lab., Electrical and Computer Engineering Department,
University of California, Santa Barbara 93106-9560.

Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560 012,India.


We propose an image duplicate detection method for identifying modified copies of the same image in a very large database. Modifications that we consider include rotation, scaling and cropping. A compact 12 dimensional descriptor based on Fourier Mellin Transform is introduced. The compactness of this descriptor allows efficient indexing over the entire database. Results are presented on a 10 million image database that demonstrates the effectiveness and the efficiency of this descriptor. In addition, we also propose extension to arbitrary shape repre- sentations and similar scene detection and preliminary results are also included.
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Pratim Ghosh, E. Drelie Gelasca, K.R. Ramakrisnan and B.S. Manjunath,
Book Chapter in Platinum Jubilee Volume, Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata, Oct. 2007.
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