A Storage, Processing, and Retrieval System for Microtubule Tracking Data

Robert John Coulier
Undergraduate, California State University at San Bernardino
rcoulier [at] canoemail.com


Given a set of cell microtubule images taken at regular time intervals, individual microtubule positions can be tracked over time. This position data can then be analyzed to obtain event information for an individual microtubule, as well as statistical data for a group of microtubules. An event can be one of three types: growth, shortening, or attenuation. Processing tracking data involves not only event classification but statistical calculation of which dynamicity is most prominent. A database was created to store the raw tracking information. Further, the task of calculating and storing event information, as well as related statistical automation, are automated. The database is web accessible through a visual interface capable of accepting queries and user initiated changes to the raw data. The system provides data processing support and capability that could be incorporated into a larger bioimage bioinformatics project: a searchable biological image database.
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Robert John Coulier,
IEEE Computational Systems Bioinformatics Conference, Stanford University, CA, Aug. 2005.
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