MPEG-7 Homogenous Texture Descriptor

Yong Man Ro, Munchurl Kim, Ho Kyung Kang, B.S. Manjunath and Jinwoong Kim


MPEG7 standardization work has started with the aims of providing fundamental tools for describing multimedia contents. MPEG7 defines the syntax and semantics of descriptors and description schemes so that they may he used as fundamental tools for multimedia content description. In this paper, we introduce a texture based image description and retrieval method, which is adopted as the homogeneous texture descriptor in the visual part of the MPEG 7 final committee draft. The current MPEG7 homogeneous texture descriptor consists of the mean, the standard deviation value of an image, energy, and energy deviation values of Fourier transform of the image. These are extracted from partitioned frequency channels based on the human visual sjktem (HVS). For reliable extraction of the texture descriptor, Radon transformation is employed. This is suitable for HVS behavior. We alqo introduce various matching methods; for example, intensity-invariant, rotation-invariant and/or scale-invariant matching. This technique retrieves relevant texture images when the user gives a querying texture image. In order to show the promising performance of the texture descriptor, we take the experimental results with the MPEG7 test sets. Experimental results show that the MPEG7 texture descriptor gives an efficient and effective retrieval rate. Furthermore, it gives fast feature extraction time for constructing the texture descriptor.
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Y. M. Ro, M. Kim, H. K. Kang, B. S. Manjunath and J. Kim,
ETRI Journal, vol. 32, no. 2, pp. 41-51, Jun. 2001.
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