Region of Interest Extraction and Virtual Camera Control Based on Panoramic Video Capturing

Xinding Sun, Student Member, IEEE, Jonathan Foote, Don Kimber,
B. S. Manjunath, Senior Member, IEEE


We present a system for automatically extracting the region of interest and controlling virtual cameras control based on panoramic video. It targets applications such as classroom lectures and video conferencing. For capturing panoramic video, we use the FlyCam system that produces high resolution, wide-angle video by stitching video images from multiple stationary cameras. To generate conventional video, a region of interest (ROI) can be cropped from the panoramic video. We propose methods for ROI detection, tracking, and virtual camera control that work in both the uncompressed and compressed domains. The ROI is located from motion and color information in the uncompressed domain and macroblock information in the compressed domain, and tracked using a Kalman filter. This results in virtual camera control that simulates human controlled video recording. The system has no physical camera motion and the virtual camera parameters are readily available for video indexing.
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Xinding Sun, Jonathan Foote, Don Kimber, B. S. Manjunath,
IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, 2004.
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