Incremental Evolution in Genetic Programming

Jay F. Winkeler and B. S. Manjunath
Electrical and Computer Engineering Dept.
University of California at Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9560
E-mail: jay [at] ,manj [at]


This paper presents a study of different methods of using incremental evolution with genetic programming. Incremental evolution begins with a population already trained for a simpler but related task. No other systematic study of this method seems to be available. Experimental evidence shows the technique provides a dependable means of speeding up the solution of complex problems with genetic programming. A novel approach that protects against poor choices of problem simplifications is proposed, improving performance. Testing performed on tracking problems of multiple stages is analyzed.
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J. F. Winkeler and B. S. Manjunath,
Third Annual Conference on Genetic Programming, pp. 403-411, Jul. 1998.
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