B.S. Manjunath

Director, Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Healthcare
Director, Center for Bio-image Informatics
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9560

manj [at] ece [dot] ucsb [dot] edu
(805) 893 7112
(805) 893 3262



  • Winter 2011, ECE 278A, Topics in Image Processing (graduate)
  • Fall 2010, ECE178, Introduction to Image Processing (undergraduate)
  • Spring 2010, ECE281B, Advanced Topics in Computer Vision (graduate)
  • Winter 2010, ECE181B, Introduction to Computer Vision (undergraduate)
  • Fall 2010, ECE178, Introduction to Image Processing (undergraduate)


Manjunath directs the Center for Multimodal Big Data Science and Heathcare. He has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles in various journals and peer reviewed conferences and his publications have been cited extensively. He is an inventor on 24 Patents and co-edited the first book on the ISO/MPEG-7 multimedia content representation standard. He directed the NSF/ITR supported center on Bio-Image Informatics. His team is developing the open-source BisQue image informatics platform that helps users manage, annotate, analyze and share their multimodal images in a scalable manner with a focus on reproducible science.

Past: Director, Interactive Digital Multimedia (IGERT program); ECE Department Vice-Chair and Director, Undergraduate EE Program; Founding faculty, Media Arts and Technology Program.

Links to: Publications, Grants and Contracts (Last 5 Years)

Center for Bio-Image Informatics Vision Research Lab
Bldg 384
(805) 893 2526
Room 4162,
Harold Frank Hall (aka Engineering I)
(805) 893 5682

Research Interests: Image/video analysis, including detection, segmentation and classification, weakly supervised detection, activity recognition; multi-modal camera networks. Bisque image informatics open-source project.

Current students and Graduates

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